BELLINCIONI - Precision mounts

April 2019

BETA-P HPE mount with 27-bit encoder with latitude from 0-90°

Bellincioni Mechanical Workshop continuously carries out technological research activities to improve the accuracy of its mounts.

After numerous function and reliability tests, the latest innovation presented by Franco Bellincioni on its products is the BETA-P mount with encoder.

With its 2 absolute optical encoders (one for each axis), equipped with as many as 134 217 728 steps per revolution (27 bits), and with sophisticated position reading and correction software, the BETA-P mount with encoder allows even better precision after the good result obtained mechanically on BELLINCIONI mounts.

Laboratory tests have shown that with the application of encoders in the Bellincioni BETA-P mount – HPE version- the periodic error does not exceed the value of 1 arcsec.

Technological partner of this innovation is HEIDENHAIN, which provides absolute encoders of extreme precision, consisting of an optical disk on which the reading lines are derived and an electronic scanning head.

On each axis, the encoder is positioned inside the mount body, sheltered from any external source of disturbance (oils, dust, etc.) but still in a position that is easily accessible in case of intervention, without the need for disassembly from the fixed position. Therefore, the BETA-P mount with encoder maintains the usual characteristics of compactness and elegance.

The new BETA-P mounts will all be prepared for the application of “encoder” technology and will allow extreme flexibility of use. The customer can decide at any time to apply encoder assemblies to the prepared mount, exploiting its potential for increased accuracy, just as he or she can use the mount in the traditional way without an encoder.


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