BELLINCIONI - Precision mounts


-Over the years our company never considered co-operating directly with any specific optical tube manufacturer. The main reason being that, among the OTA manufacturers, we were not sure who could provide the same high quality engineering to match our mounts.

Since 2009 we have become acquainted with a new brand which is backed up by an industrially and financially sound group. They have brought to our attention their designs, blueprints, and specialized documentation. Then, we have proceeded to evaluate a fully intubated OTA, to discuss the technological solutions provided and, assessed their telescopes on the sky.

Eventually, we reached the conclusion that this manufacturer, which has been preparing its offer to the Italian, European and beyond markets, is the only Made in Italy brand sharing our philosophy and whose products perfectly match our technical engineered systems.

Ever since, all Northek tubes have been tried out and tested directly on
our mounts, so that weights and torques could be absolutely compatible with the OTA.

Combining a Northek tube -offering a top quality optic- to a Bellincioni mount -supplying the highest engineering- will provide the user with the perfect operating system.

Both companies, Bellincioni and Northek, have a common aim, to supply a high-tech product, with immediate and functional advantages for the customer: it is impossible to compare this quality with the cheap assembled products on the market.

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 Mod. Alpha 2 with Cassegrain Northek 250 f 15
 Mod. Alpha 2 with Ritchey Chretien 250 f 8.5
 Mod. Alpha 2 with Newton Northek 250 f 4.4
 Mod. B230 with D/K Northek 230 f 12
 Mod. Beta P with Dall Kirkham Northek 350 f 20
 Mod. B230 with rifrattore DP 100 F13 Northek
 Mod. Omega Fork with D/K Northek 230 f 12