BELLINCIONI - Precision mounts


Our history

After many years of experience in precision engineering, Officina Meccanica Bellincioni was founded in 1970. Because of its geographical location, the company specialized in the engineering production of industrial plants.

From the year 2000 the owner, Franco Bellincioni, who has always been an amateur astronomer, has started designing and manufacturing telescope mounts to solve the problems he personally experienced with some commercial products. Then, thanks to the requests and co-operation of some experienced customers, he further developed his own mass produced products.

Aiming to constantly improve and with the committed passion of a craftsman, Bellincioni has produced a wide and increasing range of telescope mounts that brought him to design on demand for professional observatories and institutional buyers.

Development project

The Bellincioni range of mounts includes five models with guaranteed photographic loads of 12 – 20 – 35 – 120 kgs.

The Bellincioni mounts are designed and manufactured to last, using high quality materials, without any plastic or ferrous parts. They can work with any kind of motor, present or future and from any constructors, therefore it will always be possible to be up-to-date as electronic, software and accessories evolve.

Customers are the best testimonials of the products’ quality and this is the only way an amateur astronomer for instance, who is spending a considerably higher price compared to mass market products, can be sure he has made a good investment for his passion.

The value of a Bellincioni mount is real and it can be evaluated by simply looking at every single detail. In fact it is quite difficult to find Bellincioni mounts on the second hand market ……..not even for disused mounts (when someone wants to progress to bigger loads), they are immediately sold with very little devaluation compared to the new.

The absolute priority for Franco Bellincioni is the quality of his products and he invites you to look at every single detail and to compare them to those of other competitors (for the same photographic load), in this way anybody could come to a conclusion and judge the quality of the product.

Officina Meccanica Bellincioni are not interested in presenting striking images or attractive pictures of its own products, but they invite you to pay attention and compare the technological solutions adopted and the accurate precision of the construction.

The future

Since 2009 Officina Meccanica Bellincioni started an industrial partnership with the NortheK brand while still keeping its commercial identity. The idea is to offer, together with the other partners who are joining in, a product technologically at the top of the market, totally made in Italy, with opportunities to expand to the European and extra-European markets.

According to this new perspective, all new projects are made having in mind the needs of the O.T.A. which are being launched by NortheK, adapting existing models and developing new projects which are about to be released.