BELLINCIONI - Precision mounts

B 230


 Mod. B230  with  StarGo 
IMG_3455A Main technical specs:

R.A. gear 240 tooth D122 mm in B14 bronze with D134 mm
setting circle division 5’
DEC. gear 190 tooth D97 mm in B14 bronze with D109 mm
setting circle division 2°
Stainless steel worms D16 mm
Stainless steel shafts with high precision 32 mm internal
diameter conic bearings
Stainless steel counterweights
Stainless steel full counterweights shaft D25
Saddle plate base D100 mm
Instruments weight ideal capacity 12 kg
Instruments weight max capacity 16 Kg
Latitude setting from 0 to 70°
Azimuth setting 20°
Weight of 12 Kg without counterweights

 Mod. B230 with FS2 and SECM3 motors
 1924A  IMG_6481A
 Detail latitude
 6484A  IMG_3460A