BELLINCIONI - Precision mounts

Alpha 3 HPE


 Mod. Alpha 3 HPE
Main tecnical specs :

Heidenhain absolute encoders on the axes, with a resolution of 25 bits (0.04 arc/sec)

R.A. gear 360 tooth D183mm in B14 bronze with D200mm setting circle division 4’ with 10” vernier.
DEC. gear 300 tooth D153mm in B14 bronze with D170mm setting circle division 1° with 2,5′ vernier.
Stainless steel worms D23mm
Stainless steel shafts with high precision 50mm internal diameter conic bearings
Stainless steel counterweights 6Kg and 10Kg
Stainless steel full counterweights shaft D35mm
Saddle plate base D170mm
Instruments weight max capacity 50Kg
Instruments weight ideal capacity 35 kg
Latitude setting from  0 to 65° – 2,5°/turn
Azimut setting 20° with micrometric screw P=0.5mm – 23’/turn
Weight of 35Kg without counterweights
45cm height with polar axis at 40°
Mean periodic error +/- 1 seconds of arc
Go-To within 3 minutes of arc

 Mod.Alpha 2 with FS2 and Sanyo Motor
 895A  9172A
 Mod. Alpha 2 with Gemini  Mod. Alpha 2 with FS2 and Escap Motor
 9179A  8698A
IMG_4213A IMG_3511A